June 2003 to May 2010


Plato the Parakeet Bakalekos passed away after a short illness on May 23, 2010.  He was a light blue and white male parakeet, and as his name implies, he was very intelligent!  He is survived by his parents, James and Eva Bakalekos, one brother, Zippo Bakalekos, (squirrel dog) grandparents Jim Bakalekos and George and Ouida Peters, his Aunt Alice Peters, Aunt Carla Smith, Uncle George (Rhonda) Peters and numerous cousins, and was preceded in death by his UncleTerry Smith, His Uncle Socrates Bakalekos (parakeet) and his Aunt Jamie Cantrell, and his grandmother, Jewel Bakalekos, who are currently taking care of Plato in Heaven.  He was also preceded in death before his birth by his grandparentss, Jim and Henri-lu Ingram and George and Vivian Peters.


Plato loved Music of all kinds but had several favorite styles and songs.  He loved the “oldies” rock music, and would sing his favorites note for note. He liked to change the words to fit his birdie style.   His favorite Rock Songs were: Aerosmith’s “Squawk This Way”,  and of course the Eagles, “Free Bird”.   He also liked Dobie Gray’s “Drift Away” which contained the lines,  “Give me Bird Seed, Boys, and free Plato” (give me the beat boys, and free my soul).  He also loved Otis Redding;s “Sitting on the Top of the Cage”. (Sitting on the top of the Bay)   He also like even older rock music such as “He’s my birdie, he can fly if he wants to”. (It’s my Party, I can cry if I want to)


He loved gospel music, also – His favorite song was “I’ll fly Away” but he also loved “His eye is on the Parakeet”,(His eye is on the sparrow) and “He Set Me Free”.


He would enjoy dancing to music and had his own signature dance.  (Step, step, LIFT. Step, Step, LIFT).  He also loved all his home toys, but was especially fond of his talking mirror, and his precious ball, which he would drop from the top of his home every New Year’s Eve on the dot of 12.   Plato was a self-cleaning bird, and hated a mess in his home.  He would take his own baths in his oversized water bowl and if his home became messy, he would squawk until his mother cleaned it daily, OR if not done in a timely manner, he would proceed to clean it himself, by flapping his wings wildly to scatter the bird seed and feathers everywhere but in his home.


Plato was bi-lingual, but mostly enjoyed communicating in his Parakese native language.  The phrases and words he could say in English include:

“Pretty Bird!”

“Where is you?”

and one cuss word, “Sh---“.  (we never said he was perfect.)


Plato enjoyed traveling to the lake with his parents and accompanied them on at least two trips during his life.  His favorite part was riding in the cab of the truck, where he could see the sky whizzing by and feel  the air conditioning rushing through his feathers.


Plato was laid to rest in a beautiful grave next to his Uncle Socrates at his parent’s residence.  His father and mother delivered the eulogy and sang the “Bird Version” of his favorite hymn, “I’ll Fly Away”.  He is sorely missed by his family and outdoor friends, the sparrows and hummingbirds that would come daily to view him as he sat in the Living Room Window on his tall pedestal in his oversized home.  Before he left the world, His mother gave him meeting instructions: “When you get to Heaven, look for me just inside the Gate, and bring your Aunt Jamie and your grandparents”