LUCA’s story and other dog tails by Kathey Harwell

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Luca, A Bichon, recently died from cancer a few days after turning 14. Lucah is pictured on the previous page, and The dog to the left is his son Joey,, who he is also a retired champion show dog and a certified therapy dog. Luca is at his last show in Houston, in the veteran show class, chilling out

on the grooming table. He ranked in the top 10 Bichons in the US when showing, blessed he was invited to show 4 times at the Eukanuba show in Tampa, Fl and we showed at Westminster in New York City. His father, JR, is the only Bichon that has ever won Best In Show at Westminster Dog Show.

I have one more Bichon, Fitz, 15, who is not pictured, that I took last week to Dr. Miller, Opthatmologist, He has a detached retina, Glaucoma, and will probably have to have his eye removed. But he can see out of the other eye and gets around good.