Brenner (nicknamed Bean)


Brenner was born in Indianapolis back in the summer of ’98. His father was an infamous tom who was populating the whole northeast side of town. He was a cool (terribly scrabbly looking) cat who lived in a farm down the road. He hung out in our neighborhood where he met a feral short legged, long haired Torti. She and “Gray Boy” had 3 kittens. One short haired solid black, one long haired orange tabby and one fabulously beautiful long haired solid gray (Brenner).


In the beginning we saw mom and her babies, and put a box on the porch for her and the kids to get in. Food was put out for them. The first time I saw Gray Boy go for the food, I was afraid he might kill little Brenner who was chowing down. But to my relief, Gray Boy just sat there and guarded Brenner as he ate. It was so precious – that’s when I realized he must be the daddy.


One night I heard a cat scream and I ran outside to see what was going on. It was awful. The little black kitten had been run over by a car in front of my house. As I was crying I wrapped the little dead baby up and cleaned the street so the other cats wouldn’t have to see any of this.


It was then that I decided I had to try to catch the other 2 kittens to save them from a similar fate. The next day set up a dog crate inside the porch. Caught them both, but not before Brenner got stung by a bee on his face. I already had too may cats at the time so after a lot of begging, I finally convinced my veterinarian to adopt the 2 boys out.


So I left them at the vets that morning and by the afternoon – I called the vet back and said never mind. I would be back in before they closed to take them back home. There was already someone who was interested in Brenner. Of course my veterinarian was thinking I was really flakey.


After I got them home, I named them Brenner and Shiloh. Two of the sweetest boys ever.


About a year later I moved here to Arkansas. Brought 14 cats with me. My mother had 7 and I had 7. What a trip. My brothers had a semi and we filled the sleeper with 2 dog crates and a group of kitties. Then we had cages in 2 other cars that followed.


Brenner has been a very good passive kitty – even though I have brought many other cats in and out of my household. Everyone (feline that is) has always loved him. But no one could ever love him as much as I have for the past 15 years. Whenever I had a headache or was depressed – all I would have to do is bury my face in his belly and listen to him purr - and all my pain would go away.


I’m not sure what happened to him the other night. He drug his body into the bedroom and cried to get my attention. He was paralyzed. My brother came over to help cause I was so upset. I called a vet in town who met us at his clinic. This was around midnight.

The vet said he had severed his spinal column. He must have fallen some how. I just don’t know. I have racked my brain trying to figure it out. But I have to let it go now. The pain is too much. I stayed with him until he took his last breath.


He had a great life and was loved more than anything in the world. Shiloh will be getting a little more attention now that his brother is gone to the “Rainbow Bridge.



Mommy loves you.